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The Bronx Basketball Hall of Fame

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Rick Sobers

The Bronx Basketball Hall of Fame acknowledges and celebrates the legendary players, local heroes, role models, and mentors who contributed to the history of Bronx basketball.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and honoring the rich legacy and glorious heritage of basketball in our special corner of    New York City! At the same time with the help of our members, we will be busy in the background selecting players we believe should be enshrined in  The Bronx Basketball Hall of Fame. 

 Criteria for induction into The Bronx Basketball Hall of Fame are:

  • *Born and/or raised in The Bronx         

  • Coached at a Bronx educational or recreational institution

  • Attended school: high school and/or college

  • Made a lasting impact or contribution

to the overall Bronx basketball community

Inductees will be selected by the Board of Directors, Selection Committee,  and our  advisory board.

Over the years, in communities across The Bronx, countless thousands of young basketball players found inspiration in these tremendous local heroes, role models and mentors. They also found inspiration in each other as teammates and opponents. friends and neighbors!

Hopefully this group will  transport you back to that time, to recognize and honor the impact they made on your life!

I would like to thank my own personal mentors and role models for making a positive impression on my journey, through basketball. They are the reason I created The Bronx Basketball Hall of Fame! Men like Floyd Layne,  Myles Dorch,  Nate Archibald,  Bill Hill, Ernie Brown, Vinnie Brewer, Ray Felix and Community Center PS 18, where it all started!

With your help, we look forward to creating ways to inspire current and future generations through this historical journey and with meaningful  community development projects! 


Derek Doward (founder)

                   President/ CEO

The Bronx Basketball Hall of Fame

 Board of Directors

Derek Doward       -    President & CEO
Dr. Terry Lewis       -    Advisor to the Board
Tom McLaughlin    -     Corporate Sponsorship
Rudy Coombs        -    Community Liason
Mary Hayes Haas  -    Corporate Sponsorship
Billy Campion        -    Public Relations
William Robinson  -    Events Coordinator
Brian Downey       -    Special Projects

Stephen LeBow      -    Grants and Compliance   Julius Allen      -         Youth Projects 

Derek Doward7.jpg

Richie Guerin

Derek Doward

       Retired Founding Members:
      Tom Lockhart, Mike Lawrence

Hall of Fame Selection Committee


Floyd Lane
Myles Dorch
Kevin Pollins
Eric Russell
Teddy Williams
Larry Griffin 
Eduardo Gomez
Earl Grey 
Brian Downey                

Advisory Board 
Nate "Tiny"Archibald
Myles Dorch
Ernie Brown
Dr. Jim Bostic

Charles Rosen
Denise Middleton
Eric Harris 
Victor Kelly
Eddie Mendez 
Marc Weinstein
Joe Riley

Joe Artime
Julius Allen 
Mel Kram          -    

Grants  & Corporate Donations Committee
Mary Hayes Haas
Tom Mclaughlin
Stephen LeBow

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