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The Bronx Basketball Hall of Fame
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Your Donations and Purchases

The Bronx Basketball Hall of Fame was always an idea bubbling beneath the surface of our streets  and playgrounds. After several generations it has finally burst forth, rising up and taking on a unique shape of its own.

In just a few short months it has exhibited the potential to take its place among the finest institutions dedicated to honoring basketball players and their historical contributions to the game! The Bronx has finally found a way to retain its basketball history and celebrate its legacy!
It will take more than pride, a love of The Bronx and its basketball. More than good advice, suggestions, dedication and focus on the task at hand. It will also take your financial help, your gifts, donations and your purchases from our on-line store. This will help us build the dream we all have in our minds!
               We need your help to accomplish the following:
  • An actual physical location for The Bronx Basketball Hall of Fame
  • An annual Induction Ceremony 
  • Interviews on BronxNet TV
  • Documentary film production
  • Programs dedicated to assisting kids with education and nutrition
  • National & International traveling teams for selected groups.
  • Reactivate more community activities for youth.
  • Anti-gun and anti-crime assistance in collaboration with NY
  • Annual CHSAA/PSAL Bronx All-Star Game
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Our 501c3 Non-profit Status

                     Our current non-profit status exists through Fiscal Sponsorship with an existing 501c3 entity in The Bronx.                                     All purchases and donations from the public and our members are soon, fully tax deductible.    
On- line transactions generate a receipt sent to the email address you entered, with your purchase/donation.  
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