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Where Legends are Never Forgotten!

The Bronx Basketball Hall of Fame

The Bronx Basketball Hall of Fame was created to honor the outstanding local basketball players and coaches who inspired us to imagine, create and reach for more!

At the same time it is a platform to preserve the rich legacy of  basketball in The Bronx.

We aim to establish a historical narrative from the early beginnings of organized basketball, to recent times, for all to discover.

Dick McGuire

Dick McGuire

Nate 30.jpg

Nate "Tiny" Archibald

Sandy ortiz 4.jpg

Sandy Ortiz

Through social media, an actual physical location, relevant memorabilia, membership participation and community outreach and development,

”The Hall” has the powerful potential to revitalize a sense of pride and Bronx unity across the entire borough and beyond.

Rick Sobers.jpg

Rick Sobers

Dolph Schayes3.jpg

Dolph Schayes

Floyd Lane

Floyd Lane

The Bronx Basketball Hall of Fame will not only educate and entertain, but also help to unify former and current Bronx basketball players, residents and fans. Those who played at all levels, professional,  collegiate, scholastic and local heroes,  as we join together in a great celebration of life and basketball, in The Bronx!

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