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The Bronx Basketball Hall of Fame has Changed it's logo in honor of Nate Tiny Archibald. A Bronx Basketball Legend

The Bronx Basketball Hall of Fame proudly introduces The Profile of Excellence Award , we will acknowledge a famous Bronxite who exhibits excellence in their chosen field. The BBHOF wants to recognize Bronx excellence in various aspects of life other than basketball. The Bronx has many talented individuals who have contributed to our Bronx culture. Our first and this years  recipient was the honorable Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. This award seeks to celebrate and showcase the diverse talents that contribute to the rich cultural fabric of the Bronx. Each year  the winner of  this prestigious  award  name will placed in the BBHOF Wall of Fame, recognizing their excellence in fields such as:

Performing Arts: Actors, musicians, hip hop artist, 

Politics and Public Service: Politicians and community leaders

Entertainment: Trailblazers, in televisions, film and radio.

Community Service and Activism: Individuals dedicated  to creating positive change and uplifting the Bronx community.

Annual  Recognition at The Awards Dinner and Induction Ceremony: The recipient of  Profile of Excellence Award  

The Bronx Wall of Fame, Induction: A prominent space within the Bronx Basketball Hall of Fame will be dedicated to showcasing the achievements of each years awardee


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